In the west, the name of the sub continent creates various images in various people. It is a continent veiled in myth and mystery. A continent of contrast. As a legacy of the empire days, Indian food has made inroads into the British eating habits. But then, there are people whose idea of Indian food is curry as a concoction made up of leftovers with a spoon full of curry powder thrown in, perhaps with a bit of chopped onion and apple and some sultanas added for good measures.

However, here at the MOGUL DYNASTY RESTAURANT, we naturally think of and prepare Indian food as they are prepared back home. We do it in the most authentic way, sparing nothing. The exotic fragrant, pungent Indian spices which were so eagerly sought out by the various western countries (The Greeks, The Romans, The Portuguese to name but a few) over the countries, are here at our disposal to offer the subtle sensuality that is through essence of Indian cuisine.

Many of our dished are cooked in tandoor which is barrel shaped, open top clay oven, fired by charcoal. Bread can be baked in tandoori, as one can roast lamb or chicken. Tandoori dishes are marinated in yogurt with appropriate herbs and spices and then kept in Tandoor kept at a very high temperature with burning charcoal. The radiant heat thus generated together with smoldering charcoal does the cooking. This process seals in goodness and the smoldering charcoal also lends the food a very special flavor.

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Mogul Dynasty

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